SUSTech opens its 2021 Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Online Forum
Adrian Cremin | 01/12/2021

On January 9, 2021, the Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Forum of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was launched to provide a platform for academic exchange among scholars at home and abroad, to promote interdisciplinary and academic innovation, and discuss approaches for the development of world-class universities and disciplines. An objective of this is to recruit outstanding faculty (Chair Professor/Professor), young faculty (Associate/Assistant Professor), and post-doctoral talents from all over the world. Qikun XUE, SUSTech President attended the opening ceremony, and Yusheng ZHAO, Acting Vice President of SUSTech hosted the forum.

In his opening speech, President XUE invited outstanding academics to Shenzhen, the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. He expressed his hope that they could achieve their dreams here while contributing to the building of a world-class university and first-class disciplines.

At the forum, Acting Vice President ZHAO introduced SUSTech’s scientific research progress, mission and goals, philosophy, and vision. Leaders on the talent programs such as Zhifeng CHEN, Director of the Office of Human Resources, and Haizhou LU, Professor of the Department of Physics, also spoke at the forum. They shared their life experiences and feelings of working at SUSTech and expressed their fondness for the culture created around the University. The Office of Human Resources and Office of Research then hosted a Q&A session where guests were invited to ask questions from the live broadcast. 

The online forum was watched by 50,000 people, and the University received more than 1,000 resumes.

The Global Scientist Interdisciplinary Online Forum was organized by SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies. The objective of the forum was to provide academics with a platform, both at home and abroad with an opportunity for academic exchanges, and promote interdisciplinary and academic innovation. So far, it has successfully held five sessions.

At the end of the main online forum on January 9, various departments of SUSTech will hold sub-forums presentations from January 10 to 17 to introduce the current state of affairs in the departments in detail.

2021, 01-12
By Adrian Cremin

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