SUSTech amasses 28 majors on ShanghaiRanking’s 2021 Best Chinese Majors Rankings
SUSTech Global | 06/22/2021

On June 22, ShanghaiRanking releases its 2021 Best Chinese Majors Rankings. The Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has a total of 28 majors on the list, five of which are ranked in the “A grade” category, namely Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physics, Bioscience, and Biotechnology. Furthermore, there are three of the top ten majors in China in SUSTech. These include Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, which ranks 3rd and is the only non “double first-class” university on the list. Additionally, Environmental Science and Engineering was ranked 7th and Bioinformatics 8th.

It’s the first time ShanghaiRanking published the ranking of undergraduate majors of universities in mainland China. It is also the ranking of undergraduate majors of universities in China with the largest number of majors and the largest scale of participating majors.

To comprehensively investigate the competitiveness of majors, a three-level evaluation framework of school-discipline-specialty is designed to rank majors in Chinese Universities. It adopts five index categories: school conditions, subject support, professional students, professional employment, and professional conditions.

A total of 19 measurement indicators were used to monitor and rank more than 60,000 undergraduate majors in more than 1,000 universities in China. The top 50% of universities of each major were released this time. Each professional point was divided into six grades according to its ranking. The comprehensive ranking is as follows: A+ grade (2% – 10%), B+ grade (10%-20%), B grade (20%-50%), C grade (50%-70%), and D grade (70%). Both C and D grades have not yet been released.

2021 Best Chinese Majors Rankings of ShanghaiRanking is published by ShanghaiRanking Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd., which is the world’s leading higher education evaluation agency. The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), published for the first time in 2003, is one of the most influential and authoritative university rankings in the world.

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2021, 06-22
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