SUSTech holds 2021 Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony
Adrian Cremin | 09/28/2021

On September 28, the 2021 Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony for the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was held at the Runyang Stadium.

The ceremony commended individuals who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in teaching, scientific research, management, and service.

It also announced the “Innovation Awards in Administrative Efficiencies”, which will be presented from next year to recognize colleges, units, or institutions that have made outstanding innovative approaches to addressing existing challenges in governance. Chun LU, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, presided over the event.

The event was attended by Xiaojun DENG, Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau, Zhifeng CHEN, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, Fengliang LI, University Council Chairperson, Qikun XUE, President of SUSTech, and other members of the University’s leadership team, and Ming LI, former University Council Chairperson.

Chairperson Fengliang LI delivered a speech at the ceremony. He congratulated the award-winning faculty members and staff who have worked hard in teaching, scientific research, management, and service. He recognized their contributions towards the development of the University over the last decade.

He emphasized that the faculty and staff of SUSTech must continue to strive for excellence and serve as a model for students to learn and develop from. As a new type of research university, it will strive for self-reliance in high-level science and technology, towards becoming a world-class research university.

He added that SUSTech must continue cultivating more top-notch innovative talents to make breakthroughs in major scientific issues and lead the way in cutting-edge technologies.

In his remarks, President Qikun XUE acknowledged all the hard-working faculty members and staff. He said they set the benchmark for the highest standards required to become a world-class university, and SUSTech is indebted to have such a dedicated team pushing its success.

The achievements of SUSTech in the past ten years are the result of the joint efforts of everyone. He said that the University would further improve its governance and provide more opportunities for the development of its faculty members. He emphasized the importance for them to be able to achieve their ambitions and goals at SUSTech and become a well-known professor in academia through their scientific and technological breakthroughs

He hopes that all faculty members and staff will continue their hard work for the next ten years in helping SUSTech continue its growth and mission towards becoming a world-class research university. To solve some of the major problems affecting the world today, he said that SUSTech needs to continue cultivating and expanding students’ knowledge and explore new models for training top-notch innovative talents.

At the event, Dongxiao ZHANG, Vice President and Provost of SUSTech, presented appointment letters to newly promoted and tenured faculty.

They also presented awards such as “Faculty of the Year” and “Junior Faculty of the Year”. Zhifeng CHEN presented Yepang LIU and Fei WANG with the “Junior Faculty of the Year” award, while Xiaojun DENG presented Guoliang TIAN with the “Faculty of the Year” award.

Thirty faculty members were presented with “Excellent Residential College Mentor Awards”. These were presented to the winners by Qin YE, Secretary-General of the SUSTech Education Foundation, Pengfei WANG, Director of the Preparatory Office of Affiliated Hospitals, Chunmiao ZHENG, Vice Provost for Global Strategies, and Mingzhao XING, Dean of the School of Medicine.

Ling ZHANG, Director of the Office of Communication and Public Relations (CPR), and Siqi CHEN, Director of the Office of Party Affairs and Administration, presented the awards “Excellent Administrative Service Award”, “Outstanding Administrative Service Award”, and “Distinguished Administrative Service Award”. They recognize the outstanding work done by the administrative staff of SUSTech.

Qikun XUE presented Wenyong ZHANG and Mingzheng TENG with the “Excellent Teacher of the Year” and “Excellent Lab Teacher of the Year” awards and Chengzhu LIAO with the “Outstanding Lab Teacher of the Year” award.

Zhenghe XU, Dean of the College of Engineering, presented the “Presidential Early Career Award for Excellence in Research” and the “Presidential Award for Excellence in Research”.

Qikun XUE presented Jiaqing HE, Associate Dean of the College of Science, with the “Presidential Award for Distinguished Achievement in Research”.

Lastly, Fengliang LI, Qikun XUE, and Ming LI presented the “Recognition of 10-Year Service” awards to faculty and staff for their long-term service to SUSTech.

Six of the award-winning faculty members also gave speeches at the ceremony. Yuanyuan TANG, Weishu LIU, Guoliang TIAN, Shuanghua QIN, Wenyong ZHANG, and Jiaqing HE spoke about their appreciation for SUSTech in helping them develop and grow in their various roles at the University.

Students from the high school and kindergarten affiliated to SUSTech also performed some music and dance acts for the guests at the ceremony.