National Day Golden Week: Activities filled with joy and delight
Adrian Cremin | 10/10/2021

The National Day Golden Week commenced at SUSTech with the early morning flag-raising on October 1st. Many faculty members and students of SUSTech gathered at the Green Pine Stadium to witness the occasion as they celebrated China’s national day and made plans for the holiday.

The festive period was an opportunity for the SUSTech community to attend various exhibitions and events that were taking place during the holidays. One such event was the 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai.

In live demonstrations at the expo, planes soared through the sky and put on an incredible performance. The earth-shaking airwaves and the roar of the engines created a thrill in the crowd.

On October 2nd, members from the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) also set up a display booth at the expo. Professor Xiaowen SHAN’s team attracted many visitors with their display of VTOL tail-sitters and landing drones. They received praise for their innovation and approach towards developing the aerospace industry.

Students from various departments also took the time to gather and watch some classic Chinese movies and revisit historical moments of the country. It was also an opportunity for new students at the University to meet up and build friendships during the holiday period.

Some students also visited the Big Wheel Island Fun Science Exhibition. Junyu WEI, an undergraduate at SUSTech, said, “I can’t help but acknowledge the power of science and how reliant we are on it for daily necessities. It has heightened my enthusiasm for life and to further explore the mysteries of science. I gained a lot of experience from attending this exhibition.”

From October 1st-2nd, a volunteer team from Shuren College at SUSTech participated in an animal protection public welfare project entitled “Where are the Magical Animals”. The event focused on adopting and rescuing stray dogs, making the general public more knowledgeable, and encouraging them to adopt animals instead of buying them.

Faculty members and students also visited Shenzhen Bay. The scenic location is a popular location for many in Shenzhen as they can take in the skyline views of Shenzhen and Hong Kong from across the river. They enjoyed an excursion along the bay as they took part in numerous activates and exchanges.

From October 1st-7th, the School of Medicine at SUSTech encouraged students to maintain healthy living habits during the holidays. They offered educational exercises such as the steps on how to wash your hands, etc. They also encouraged everyone to exercise and be proactive during the holidays by participating in activities such as walking or playing sports.

The National Day Golden Week is a superb opportunity to travel and explore different activities and events. It also gives students a chance for some downtime and to focus on their individual growth.

It’s an opportunity for students to catch up on some reading, generate new codes or formulas, or write reports. The holiday period is not only a time of relaxation but also an occasion to reflect on the past and how to grow in the future.

2021, 10-10
By Adrian Cremin

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