SUSTech Global Language Day 2021: SUSTechers learn “I love SUSTech” in 12 languages
Center for Language Education | 10/28/2021

The first SUSTech Global Language Day was held in the open space between Lecture Hall 1 and the SUSTech Center Cafeteria on October 27. The event was hosted by the Center for Language Education (CLE) of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and attracted around 1,000 participants.

SUSTech Global Language Day 2021 highlighted SUSTechers love for the University. It celebrated the many different languages on campus and saluted the diversity of our SUSTech community. Students and faculty members learned how to say “I love SUSTech” in twelve different languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Cantonese, German, Japanese, and Arabic. To encourage the learning and sharing of languages on the SUSTech campus, other basic phrases of these twelve languages were also taught.

The SUSTech Global Language Day seeks to encourage sharing among different languages and cultural backgrounds, promote a more international atmosphere at the University, and foster a more diverse campus culture.

2021, 10-28
By Center for Language Education

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