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Center for Language Education | 12/16/2021

On December 14, 100 staff members from the Office of Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) attended the lecture “English for Campus Security”, held by the Center for Language Education (CLE) at the Lynn Library.

In this lecture, CLE instructors Jenny Hirst and Beatrice Clegg taught useful workplace English by recreating daily situations on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Dr. Li Yuan, Director of CLE, giving a welcome speech to the participants

CLE instructors Beatrice Clegg (left) and Jenny Hirst (right) teaching

Participants increased their knowledge and understanding of English about conducting prevention and control measures of COVID-19 at SUSTech. This lecture provided a great chance for them to improve their oral English and pronunciation.

English for Campus Security meets monthly and aims to provide useful workplace English, as well as practical English for oral communication to staff who might need to communicate with international faculty and students.

2021, 12-16
By Center for Language Education

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