SUSTech holds 2nd Ocean Themed Photography Contest and Hongjun YUE Marine Ecology Photography Exhibition
Adrian Cremin | 05/12/2022

On May 11, the Ocean Exploration – The 2nd Ocean Themed Photography Contest and Hongjun YUE Marine Ecology Photography Exhibition was held in Yidan Library at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

Hongjun YUE, President of the Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteer Federation (Dive4Love) and Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Photographers Association, Xiaoming SHEN, Director of the Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula Maritime Library and Chairman of Dive4Love, Xiaoyong WANG, Secretary-General of Dive4Love, and others attended the exhibition.

Faculty members, students, and representatives from the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering (OSE), the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Teaching Affairs, and SUSTech libraries also participated in the event.

After the opening ceremony, Hongjun YUE, the winner of the China Photography Golden Image Awards, the most prestigious award of its kind in China, presented a special report on underwater photography.

He described his adoration for the sea and photography, and provided vivid illustrations of his experience going deep under the ocean and capturing snapshots of various underwater creatures.

The 2nd Ocean Themed Photography Contest was hosted by the Department of OSE at SUSTech. More than 80 faculty members and students from the University participated in the competition. In total, more than 300 marine culture works were collected, and a final selection of 75 works were put on display at Yidan Library.

This exhibition displays SUSTech’s strong relationship and collaboration with various marine-related institutions and organizations, and is also assisting with the construction of Shenzhen as an international ocean city through nurturing and promoting its ocean culture.

2022, 05-12
By Adrian Cremin

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