Third Lecture Hall: Combination of beauty and functionality
Yuqiong TIAN | 02/14/2023

As the second semester of the academic calendar begins, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has welcomed a newly established modern technical teaching space on campus. The Third Lecture Hall has provided faculty members and students with an intelligent, open, and shared teaching environment. Let us take a look at some of its highlights and features.

Involvement of evaluation from lecturers

The Third Lecture Hall is situated at the center of the SUSTech campus, surrounded by the College of Science, Lynn Library, and the College of Business. It has five floors and 56 classrooms, occupying an area of 5,800 square meters.

The design of the Third Lecture Hall strives to present a “more technical, innovative, and international” SUSTech figure, breaking many limitations of traditional classrooms and maximizing the scientific use of teaching spaces.

The open courtyard envisages beauty as it faces the ancient mountains of Shang and Zhou dynasties, with a facade shape echoing the College of Science. To build a SUSTech-featured, modern teaching environment, the Third Lecture Hall construction team invited front-line lecture instructors to participate in the scheme evaluation, repeatedly discussing the options of space design optimization to create a vibrant teaching club on campus.

Combination of cloud and edge, software and hardware

The Third Lecture Hall consists of different types of smart classrooms, in which the first and second floors are lecture theaters and mixed teaching classrooms. The lecture rooms are located on the third floor, and the seminar classrooms are on the fourth floor. The computer laboratory room occupies the fifth floor, while the leisure spaces for students are distributed throughout the whole lecture hall. Classrooms of different types offer students unique study experiences such as interactive discussion and hands-on programming.

The combination of cloud and edge expands the possibility of space and time for teaching. The integration of software and hardware constructs a brand-new teaching management model, all of which are devoted to an efficient teaching style.

Environmentally-friendly interior

The green, environmentally friendly concepts are preserved throughout the whole process. For instance, the adoption of environmentally friendly shock-absorbing carpets and paints, and custom-made aluminum plates are dedicated to this green notion.

The ubiquitous humanistic care and the intelligent, integrated system which combines teaching, service, and organization manifest the concern and emphasis of SUSTech to faculty members and students.

Another non-negligible feature of the Third Lecture Hall is its color. The fresh decoration color makes walking here similar to a journey in an art gallery. During leisure time, the open group study rooms are available for students to reserve, discussing diverse opinions and facilitating studies.

SUSTech welcomes all faculty members and students to visit the Third Lecture Hall, and get familiar with your future study environment.

2023, 02-14
By Yuqiong TIAN

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