SUSTech holds third Lychee Cultural Festival
Adrian Cremin | 06/16/2023

On June 16, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its third Lychee Cultural Festival in Banyan Square on campus.

The event attracted faculty members and students to participate in various activities and soak up the experience.

The festival included activities such as lychee science popularization, fun games, and the distribution of lychees. Through fun and interactive approaches, faculty members and students learned about the development process, the different varieties and characteristics of lychees, and how best to maintain them.

The event garnered a lot of attention and created a lively atmosphere around the campus.

One of the staff members responsible for growing and maintaining the lychee trees on campus noted that holding the annual Lychee Cultural Festival means that they can share the joy of harvesting with faculty members and students and further enrich the cultural life of everyone at the University.

It is also hoped that the festival will contribute to the development of SUSTech’s unique campus culture.

Thanks to the diligent work in the early stages and the favorable weather conditions during the fruit-setting period, the overall quality of lychees at SUSTech this year is high. It is estimated that this year’s output is nearly 25,000 kilograms.