SUSTech welcomes over 2,000 graduate students
Adrian Cremin | 09/06/2023

On September 4, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed more than 2,000 graduate students as they enrolled for the upcoming semester.

They arrived at the campus from all corners of the country with dreams and aspirations for the next stage of their academic studies. This year, the number of graduate students registered reached a new high, with a total of 2,047 students, including 18 international students from eight different countries.

Hong JIANG, University Council Chairperson, Hongwei FANG, Vice President and Provost, Siqi CHEN, Secretary-General and Director of the Office of Party Affairs and Administration, other members of the University’s leadership team, and heads of related departments visited several locations on campus, including the registration areas, the student cafeteria, and student dormitories to converse with some of the news students and ensure that the registration process went smoothly and efficiently.

Qikun XUE, President of SUSTech, and his delegation visited the registration areas at the College of Science, College of Engineering, and the School of Medicine to learn more about the registration process.

Chairperson Hong JIANG noted that all of the departments should go above and beyond to make sure that all the new graduate students feel welcomed, assist where possible in the registration process, and provide support in their study and life on campus, so that every student and their family members feel the warmth and caring atmosphere at the University.

At the registration area at the College of Science, President Qikun XUE spoke with some of the new students, and hoped that they would settle in and adapt to campus life as soon as possible, find their own aspirations and paths, and grow together with SUSTech.

The Graduate School and the Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee also arranged induction sessions for the new students in each of the residential colleges, and explained in detail the registration process, the availability of student grants and loans, and other topics.

At the registration areas of each college, staff members and volunteers were available to assist the new students with any queries they had and help them complete the registration process in a quick and orderly manner.

To assist students with financial difficulties, SUSTech has set up student loans and other subsidies to help them complete their studies. In addition, the University also offers various postgraduate scholarships which the students can apply for during their time at SUSTech.

“The first time I visited SUSTech was during the postgraduate examination. At that time, SUSTech was in full bloom. Now, on returning to the University, the campus environment is just as beautiful with a strong scientific research atmosphere, and I will work hard in my studies and carry out scientific research during my time here”, said Shan DENG, a new graduate student of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Zexi TANG, a master’s student of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, said: “When I first stepped foot on the campus, I was very excited. I am looking forward to my time here at SUSTech and hope that my three years here will be fruitful”.

From September 5, the Graduate School and the Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee, along with the various colleges and related departments, will hold a week of orientation activities for the new graduate students.