Opening Ceremony of SUSTech-Cheerland Institute of Precision Medicine with “Father of DNA” James Watson
| 04/06/2017

On April 5 2017, the National Institute of Precision Medicine of SUSTech was established. The opening ceremony was honoured by the presence of Nobel Prize winner James Watson, renowned molecular biologist famous for the discovery of the DNA double helix structure. He was welcomed by SUSTech Chairwoman and Party Secretary Guo Yurong, as well as the National Science and Technology Fund Director, Cheerland Institute of Precision Medicine Chairman Ma Weihua, chairman of the Cheerland Investment Group and the United States Silicon Valley Cheerland Innovation Institute Dean Liu Ruoyin and various other key figures. The ceremony was overseen by Professor Li Xinyuan, Dean of the Institute of Precision Medicine of SUSTech.

Liu Ruyin speech

Liu Ruoyin said at the meeting that the collaboration between SUSTech and Cheerland Group for the Precision Medicine Research Institute is a major step in the development of this industry for both parties, as well as on a larger scale, for the city of Shenzhen.

Guo Yurong ‘s speech

Ms Guo’s speech at the ceremony gave a brief overview of the development of SUSTech in recent years, and explained that the new institute would contribute significantly to research in the field from an academic perspective as well as from a professional one. Under the leadership of the municipal party committee, SUSTech has the ability to optimize the allocation of resources, to build an outstanding team of professors, and with the help of Cheerland Groups’ funding it will be able to develop at lightning speed, in the footsteps of the city of Shenzhen itself.

The opening ceremony

The opening ceremony went ahead with the presence of James Watson, Guo Yu-rong, Ma Weihua, Liu Ruchen, who together unveiled the new SUSTech Institute of Precision Medicine.

The SUSTech Institute of Precision Medicine will use the “production and research” system, which means it aims to develop products and advanced manufacturing by combining education and training, technology transformation and product development. Together with Cheerland Group, the goal is to invest in the four-dimensional model: capital, talent, projects and cutting-edge technology. Pooling resources and joining together will allow both parties to create a synergy, helping SUSTech and the Shenzhen professional community to continue building an international first-class research center.

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