Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang gives second lecture in “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of Country” series
Jiaqi Liu, Yiqiu Wu | 03/01/2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) University Council Vice Chairperson and Chair Professor of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Li Fengliang brought the second lecture about “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of Country.” In a packed lecture theatre over nearly 400 faculty members, students and staff, Li Fengliang spoke about “Modern technology and The Art of Loving Your Country- Cultural Confidence and innovation.”  Director of the Political Education and Research Wang Dejun presided over the lecture.

Li Fengliang shared his views about the importance of cultural innovation and how we can stimulate cultural innovation.

 Li Fengliang talked about the opinions on the cultural phenomena of the United States, Japan and Korea and analyzed their cultural strategies behind these phenomena. He pointed out that China has placed innovation at the top of the five developmental goals.

 Li Fengliang analyzed some typical examples of cultural innovation in other countries around the world. He believes that the creative cultural industry is critical for industrial transformation along with the development and influence of a country.

Li Fengliang explained China’s cultural innovation strategy by analyzing different cultural innovations in first-tier cities. Cultural innovation has played critical roles in providing new economic development forces, creating regional cultural images for many cities and provinces.

Li Fengliang examined Shenzhen’s cultural innovation method. He introduced Shenzhen’s cultural achievements and the ten cultural concepts of Shenzhen, before moving onto various aspects of Shenzhen’s unique cultural innovations.

Li Fengliang spent a substantial amount of time scrutinizing SUSTech’s cultural innovation practices. SUSTech has organized a variety of campus cultural activities to enhance cultural influence to enhance the all-round development of students. Li Fengliang hopes that students would cherish their time on campus and make use of the cultural resources provided to improve their qualities, and strive to be useful to the society.

In summing up Li Fengliang believes that cultural innovation should correctly link the relationship between ancient and modern times. He also thinks that cultural innovation inherently binds China to other countries. It should also highlight cultural consciousness, and support science and technology to find the right direction for a nation’s unique character.

During the Q&A session, students asked many questions. Li Fengliang took questions about the main role of teenagers in culture, the current situation of social and cultural production, and cultural consumption based on the problems of students. He also provided some guidance to students on how to take advantage of SUSTech’s cultural resources.

Director Wang Dejun of the Political Education and Research Center presented the Certificate of Honor of the “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of Country” to Li Fengliang.

Attendees said that the lecture intensified their understanding of cultural confidence and cultural innovation. They felt encouraged to continue to working hard to enrich themselves culturally to improve society.

2019, 03-01
By Jiaqi Liu, Yiqiu Wu

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