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Chris Edwards | 05/22/2019

Over the weekend, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)’s High-end Energy Seminar took place at the Shenzhen Talent Training Institute. It was hosted by SUSTech’s Energy-X Institute and the Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies. It sought to explore China’s future energy transformations and its green development.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Dean of Energy-X Institute Liu Ke, former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) Xie Kechang, former President of Sichuan University Xie Heping and Director Su Yinao of the Department of Energy and Mining at CAE, former director of the Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Huang Qili, and former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region’s People’s Congress Duoji Yuanshi were all in attendance. They joined fellow academicians, senior leaders across the energy industry, experts and scholars from the energy field from all over mainland China.

President Chen Shiyi briefed the attendees about SUSTech’s energy technology developments. He spoke about how SUSTech would work with energy scientists to jointly explore the future of China’s energy development.

There were two separate topics throughout the seminar. They focused firstly on China’s response to rising oil prices and increasing supply pressure, before moving onto how to set the strategic direction of Energy-X Institute to better contribute to the future development of China’s clean energy industry.

There were many reports, with examination of coal-based alternatives, energy consumption, future forecasts for coal, energy transformation, geothermal power generation and the technical issues in the development of oil fields. There was also significant discussion of the latest developments and research in energy at SUSTech.

Experts and scholars in attendance determined a structure that fully utilized the Energy-X Institute in its professional setting. They resolved to increase the exploration and development of oil and gas resources, while searching for alternatives. There was also a decision to increase awareness for saving energy among society.

2019, 05-22
By Chris Edwards

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