SUSTech launches 2nd Science and Technology Sports Festival
Chris Edwards | 10/25/2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched the 2nd Science and Technology Sports Festival on Wednesday night at Green Pine Capital. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao both participated in the event.

Participants were welcomed by 2008 Beijing Olympics diving champion Wang Xin, who encouraged the students to enjoy athletic pursuits within the broader remit of the academic dreams. She pointed out that exercise can bring peace in a stressful life, while also easing their academic pressure.

The SUSTech kindergarten delighted the crowd with a basketball themed performance.

A series of cutting-edge athletic experiences highlighted the evening’s events. Games included intelligent darts, smart skipping ropes, laser guns and intelligent rowing systems.

Competing students and faculty members thoroughly enjoyed the various games, saying that they were interested in pursuing more physical education while better understanding the impact on their bodies and minds.

2019, 10-25
By Chris Edwards

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