3rd SUSTech-Green Pine Capital “Run for Science” Marathon successfully held
Chris Edwards | 12/01/2019

On Sunday, December 1st, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted its third SUSTech-Green Pine Capital “Run for Science” Marathon. It has become a vital component of the SUSTech campus culture, and SUSTech President Chen Shiyi was proud to send over one thousand participants off.

The SUSTech Education Foundation (SUSTech EF), Sports Center, and Technology Transfer Center (TTC) work together with Green Pine Capital Partners and various government organizations. They bring teams from different businesses to compete against teams from the SUSTech community, including student- and faculty-led teams. It is a variation of the “Wall Street Games,” and has become a staple of the Shenzhen enterprise athletic community.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi was joined by Green Pine Capital Partners founders Li Wei & Zuo Fei, Communications and Public Relations Director Zhang Ling, Education Foundation Vice President Ye Qin, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dean Liu Ke and TTC Director Zhang Zuotai. Also in attendance were other SUSTech leaders and high-ranking government officials.

The 3rd SUSTech-Green Pine Capital Science and Technology Relay Marathon adopts two different competition systems. The first is a traditional relay, in which competitors swap batons within a team. The second component is the all-around race, in which additional athletic activities are incorporated into the event. These activities could include pulling a weighted sled, skipping, push-ups, or using a rowing machine. The intention is to test the endurance and overall athletic qualities of the athletes.

As part of the event, SUSTech also exhibited a range of its scientific and technological achievements, along with several Shenzhen-based enterprises that were taking part in the relay marathon.

2019, 12-01
By Chris Edwards

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