3rd Cross-Straits Student Baseball League Finals start at SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 12/08/2019

On December 7, the 3rd Cross-Straits Student Baseball League Finals started in Shenzhen, with Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) operating as one of the host venues. The opening ceremony took place at the SUSTech Baseball Field.

Both SUSTech Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao and Nanshan District Cultural Industry Development Service Center Director Liu Yuhe attended the opening ceremony by throwing the first pitch.

SUSTech will host 20 games in Group B across four days, with SUSTech in a group with Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, National Tsing Hua University, National Taiwan Sports University, and Chinese Culture University. A total of ten teams from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan province will compete across the four-day competition.

The Cross-Straits Student Baseball League aims to use baseball as a medium for students to build a new platform for cross-straits campus sports. The baseball tournament encourages students on both sides of the Strait to increase their understanding of each other through their mutual enjoyment of baseball.

Since first undertaking the event in 2017, SUSTech has attached great importance to this event, and carefully prepared for the tournament by thoughtfully enhancing its baseball field and providing additional event support. Throughout the competition, SUSTech will also hold activities such as cross-straits student exchanges.

2019, 12-08
By Chris Edwards

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