SUSTech rewards top public information officers
Chris Edwards | 12/31/2019

On December 30, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held the closing ceremony of its publicity training workshops, including the annual “Excellent Public Information Officer Awards.” SUSTech University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang and Communications & Public Relations Director Zhang Ling attended the ceremony with hundreds of public information officers from departments across campus.

Communications and Public Relations Director Zhang Ling summarized the efforts of the public information officers (PIOs) of SUSTech in 2019. He congratulated everyone for seizing the opportunities that had arisen from the unique circumstances of the year. Director Zhang Ling affirmed the efforts of every PIO and expected that they would continue to excel in 2020.

Admissions Office Director Tan Jianwei, Student Affairs Deputy Director Peng Zhonghua, Department of Chemistry Party Branch Secretary Li Pengfei and Communications & Public Relations Deputy Director Pan Feng issued nearly 30 “Excellent Public Information Officer Awards” to deserving candidates.

Department of Biology PIO Huang Jiaxin and Lynn Library PIO Xia Xue both spoke on behalf of the PIOs. Huang Jiaxin spoke of her enjoyment of the training course and how it had helped her in her daily work. Xia Xue reflected on her improved ability to deal with spokespeople and her trips to media outlets.

SUSTech University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang issued several certificates to PIOs from departments that had excelled in their training.

In his closing speech, he congratulated the award-winning units and PIOs, encouraging everyone to work hard at promoting SUSTech. Placing SUSTech in the hearts and minds of society is a vital role of the PIOs of SUSTech, which would further enhance the reputation of SUSTech. With SUSTech due to usher in its tenth year of development, the PIOs will be able to stimulate the motivation and pride of the entire SUSTech community. Li Fengliang recommended that the PIOs look at the top universities around the world to find new ways for SUSTech to communicate its message to the city, the region, the country, and the world.

The publicity training workshops have trained a group of high-quality public information officers for SUSTech. They have taken in critically important information from high-ranking leaders at SUSTech, as well as attended visits to media outlets across Shenzhen.

2019, 12-31
By Chris Edwards

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