SUSTech Arts Center reviews 2019
Chris Edwards | 01/05/2020

On January 4, the Arts Center at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) reviewed its activities for 2019. Student Affairs Director Xue Zheng, Teaching Affairs Vice Director Li Yuan, SUSTech Global Associate Director Li Xu, and Alumni Association Vice Secretary-General Geng Jun were joined by representatives of residential colleges, art troupes, and student groups.

Student Affairs Director Xue Zheng said that art and science are fundamentally interrelated, so SUSTech is doing an excellent job of cultivating the best possible scientists. He added that no efforts are being spared in supporting the development and expansion of SUSTech, including in the creation of its artistic and aesthetic activities. Director Xue Zheng hoped that students would continue to play a leading role in art on campus.

In reviewing 2019, the art troupes independently managed by the Arts Center and the nineteen university-level special art troupes flourished in a wide range of fields. The leaders of the SUSTech Choir, Monsoon Drama Club, Shuren College Peking Opera Club, Zhixin Intangible Cultural Heritage Society and the Zhicheng Choir were all awarded as “Excellent Teachers.”

Ten students were recognized as being the important artistic backbones of their associations. They received certificates from Student Affairs Director Xue Zheng.

The Arts Center also acknowledged eight students for their outstanding performances in activities either on campus or around Shenzhen. They received their accolades from Teaching Affairs Vice Director Li Yuan.

The SUSTech Choir and the Fine Arts Society were rewarded explicitly for their recent efforts. The SUSTech Choir was acknowledged for the “Ode to the Motherland” concert, while the Fine Arts Society was thanked for their oil painting exhibition in the Lynn Library.

In closing the ceremony, Arts Center Director Bi Baoyi said that the achievements of the Arts Center are indistinguishable from every department and residential college that cooperates with them. She thanked the many art instructors for cultivating, guiding, and assisting the students throughout 2019, and hoped that the students would maintain their enthusiasm into the future.

2020, 01-05
By Chris Edwards

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