SZU Professor speaks on mental health during challenging times in online lecture
Chris Edwards | 02/27/2020

On February 27, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held the second online lecture, following the first lesson of the spring semester last week. Professor Wang Xiaojun from the School of Psychology at Shenzhen University presented a video lecture on “Fighting the Epidemic, Psychological Growth.”

Professor Wang Xiaojun is also the executive vice director of the Shenzhen Psychological Society, the vice president of the Guangdong Psychological Society, the director of the Guangdong Mental Health Committee, and a member of the Ministry of Education (MoE) expert review group.

Throughout his class, Professor Wang Xiaojun analyzed several mental health issues that had arisen from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the regulations that had affected people’s lives as a result. He described some positive methods to alleviate some of the challenges facing people during this period, providing vivid examples. “It is better to face the situation than avoid it, calm than afraid, rational than confused, and calm than frustrated.”

Professor Wang Xiaojun recommended that students do their best to relieve and eliminate anxiety through three different methods. He encouraged students to find positivity where possible, cultivate moments of calmness, and strengthen their mental health. Professor Wang Xiaojun reiterated the importance of finding a balance in life during these tumultuous times, and by firmly working out how body and mind work both separately & together, everyone will be able to deal with the challenges in these challenging periods.

Political Education and Research Center Director Wang Dejun hoped that students would adapt to the situation following the class.

SUSTech is encouraging a wide range of extracurricular classes that support the spirit of “For Truth, Innovation, Reform and Excellence with Diligence and Courage.” The lecture series is inextricably linked to the industrial transformation of the Greater Bay Area and the development of the pioneering demonstration zone of Shenzhen.

2020, 02-27
By Chris Edwards

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