3rd Traditional Culture Festival moves into the cloud
Chris Edwards | 04/15/2020

On April 15, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched its 3rd Traditional Chinese Culture Festival online. The Arts Center will be broadcasting a diverse array of traditional cultural practices, including folk customs, seal cutting, tea art, Chinese opera, and folk music.

The Arts Center is also sharing resources to promote traditional Chinese culture. The SUSTech community will be able to enjoy the artistic beauty from the comfort of their homes or offices.

April 15-18: The Exhibition of the Three Kingdoms of China shall be broadcast online.

April 16: Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Vice President Professor Maoping LIU will share the “poetry and painting” of traditional Chinese art.

April 17: Chinese Calligraphers Association member Dawang LI will show the SUSTech community some of the intricacies of seal carving and printing.

April 18: the “National Treasure Concert on the Cloud” will enter the Shaanxi History Museum and play a beautiful symphony from the West before the “Great Tang Treasure.”

April 19: tea culture advocate and national senior tea technician Lei LEI will walk the audience through a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

April 19: The Beijing National Orchestra will present the “Spring Breeze” opera-themed cloud concert.

April 20: Huazhong Normal University School of Music Professor Xizheng ZHOU will lead a class on Han opera appreciation.

This unique take on the Traditional Chinese Culture Festival provides the SUSTech community with a delightful audiovisual feast that offers a bountiful harvest of cultural wisdom and charm.


2020, 04-15
By Chris Edwards

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