SUSTech Original Song Contest comes to a successful close
Chris Edwards | 05/05/2020

On May 4, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held the final of its online Original Song Contest. Judges came from well-regarded musical conservatories from across China.

The competition went through three stages, including lyrics, composition, and singing. The final ten works were fully affirmed by Arts Center Director Baoyi BI. She hoped that SUSTech would cultivate artists that integrate their scientific and creative instincts.

The best work awards went to “You Have No Fear,” “Transformation,” and “May of Youth.” The best lyric awards went to “Transformation,” “Sakura Blossoms at dawn,” and “May of Youth.” Three songs won the Best Composer award, “You Have No Fear,” “Transformation,” and “The Journey to our Dream.”The best singing award was received by “Transformation,” “Sakura Blossoms at dawn,” and “Ode to May 4.” The most popular songs were “May of Youth,” “Towards the Sun,” and “Enjoy your reading at SUSTech.”

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By Chris Edwards

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