Ocean Science and Engineering discuss ongoing support for Shenzhen’s progress
Chris Edwards | 08/21/2020

On August 18, the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering (OSE) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) sat down to discuss how to better contribute to the construction of Shenzhen’s pioneering demonstration zone. August 18 marked the first anniversary of the announcement of a pioneering demonstration zone in Shenzhen, and OSE head Yongshun CHEN chaired the discussion.

Following a review, OSE head Yongshun CHEN went into detail about how to ramp up the development of Shenzhen as a global ocean center city. OSE has already worked with other institutions to contribute to this development and gathered its ocean-centered scientific research to support this goal.

All OSE faculty members were in attendance and were vibrant participants in the discussion. They recommended that OSE should take an interdisciplinary approach in promoting scientific and technological innovation in ocean science and engineering. OSE can also strengthen its international exchanges and cooperations, as it strives to develop into a world-class oceanographic talent training base and tertiary education institute.

Since its establishment in 2015, OSE has gathered a high-level faculty. Their research fields cover a wide range of oceanographic disciplines while considering other interdisciplinary factors. OSE adheres to the high-tech orientation of SUSTech while vigorously developing new generations of ocean observation equipment. OSE has already made several vital breakthroughs, such as the successful development of a new generation of ocean bottom seismographs, and ocean-going vertical fixed-wing UAV magnetic measurement systems.

2020, 08-21
By Chris Edwards

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