Qinghai Normal University visits SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 09/15/2020

On September 15, Qinghai Normal University (QHNU) Party Secretary Xuerong MAO and President Peijun SHI led a delegation to SUSTech. SUSTech University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO and President Shiyi CHEN met with the delegation. SUSTech and QHNU have been collaborating since July 2019.

The QHNU delegation visited the SUSTech Institute of Robotics (SIR), the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Center (Cryo-EM Center), and the 3D planning sand table.

Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) head Yiming RONG spoke about the faculty that had joined his department and the levels of international cooperation. He also discussed the ongoing scientific research projects of the SUSTech Robotics Institute.

Cryo-EM Center Research Professor Zheng LIU expanded on the developments and scientific research within the Cryo-EM Center.

SUSTech University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO spoke about the progress that SUSTech has made in its first ten years. She hoped that SUSTech and QHNU would work together for many years to come.

SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN welcomed the QHNU delegation and discussed the progress of their recent cooperation. He anticipated stronger cooperation and exchanges between both institutions.

QHNU Party Secretary congratulated SUSTech on its rapid and high-quality development. He looked forward to ongoing cooperation with SUSTech in talent training, scientific research, and academic & cultural exchanges.

QHNU President Peijun SHI pointed out that his university is proud of its partnership with SUSTech. He hopes that they will continue to develop together for an extended period into the future.

2020, 09-15
By Chris Edwards

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