SUSTech’s first popular science book, Encyclopedia of High-Tech Whys, launched
Chris Edwards | 09/19/2020

On September 19, the sixteenth National Science Popularization Day kicked off across the country. A series of science popularization events will be held nationwide from September 19 to 25.

On the same day, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched its first science popular book, titled Encyclopedia of High-Tech Whys.

The authors hope to bring the advanced scientific research and knowledge in the easy-to-understand language to the public, to discover the beauty of science, and to foster a scientific way of thinking among people.

At the launch of the book, SUSTech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Southern Publishing & Media.

The book, Encyclopedia of High-Tech Whys is the first of SUSTech’s popular science series. Guangdong Science and Technology Press published this first volume. The Encyclopedia of High-Tech Whys focuses on the cutting-edge of contemporary scientific and technological development, promoting scientific spirit, and disseminating knowledge.

President Shiyi CHEN congratulated the publication of the Encyclopedia of High-Tech Whys. He said that as an emerging university, SUSTech is not only committed to research and education; it aspires to play a vital role in science popularization.

“SUSTech’s high-level talent pipeline, dynamic research environment with a broad range of research directions, and rich academic outcomes promote science popularization for the public. We have started many programs, and the faculty members have joined us,” said President CHEN.

As part of the book release ceremony, the editorial board members, representatives of co-authors, and editorial assistants came on the stage to co-launch the new book.

The SUSTech Professors Association and Education Foundation established the SUSTech Science Popularization Fund. The royalties of the Encyclopedia of High-Tech Whys series shall be donated to the Education Foundation, which will support science popularization programs at SUSTech.

The publication of the book is as part of SUSTech’s tribute to Shenzhen’s 40th anniversary as a Chinese special economic zone and SUSTech’s 10th anniversary. It also marks a milestone in SUSTech’s science popularization.

2020, 09-19
By Chris Edwards

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