Shenzhen Art and Design Alliance visits SUSTech
Aj Cremin | 01/08/2021

On the afternoon of January 6, 2021, Kelei REN, Chairman of Shenzhen Art and Design Alliance (Alliance), led a delegation to visit the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Qikun XUE, SUSTech President, Yurong GUO, University Council Chairperson, and University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI welcomed the guests.

Chairman REN and his party first visited the SUSTech Sculpture Exhibition, Yidan Library, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Exhibition of  SUSTech Development and Achievements.

On behalf of SUSTech, Yurong GUO welcomed all the Alliance members as they exchanged philosophies. Both parties expressed that they look forward to strengthening relations and cooperating to write a new chapter in Shenzhen’s cultural prosperity and development.

The two parties held a conference at the Academic Exchange Center, where the Alliance also discussed some of its annual work.

President XUE delivered a speech at the conference. He extended New Year’s greetings to the guests and expressed his hope that SUSTech and the Alliance will continue to strengthen exchanges and encourage cooperation. He wished that the participating experts would continue to support the development of SUSTech, and offer suggestions for the development of the University.

Fengliang LI gave an introduction into the school-running process of SUSTech and the development of campus culture. He said that building an exceptional university culture plays a cohesive role in the creation of a first-class university. It is hoped that the Alliance and other associations will expand exchanges with the University and promote the mutual development of both parties.

Xu LI, SUSTech Vice Dean of the School of Design, introduced the University from the aspects of its mission and vision, talent training, orientation, and plans.

Based on their previous work experience, the participating guests gave recommendations for the construction of the School of Design.

In his speech, Chairman REN discussed further details on the construction of the School of Design at the University. He believed that creating an innovative design is one of the main tasks of the Alliance and looked forward to working with the experts to contribute to the design process.

Pingchun LIU, Supervisor of the Alliance, Siyuan WU, Executive Chairman, Zhen LIU, Executive Vice Chairman, and Thomas Kvan, Dean of the School of Creative Design, were notable guests that participated in the exchange activities.

The Alliance was set up by the Shenzhen Design Federation. It consists of 16 units across multiple industries, including three universities, seven associations, and three art galleries, including SUSTech. The Alliance plans and organizes biennial exhibitions and holds a series of cross-border activities. One of its main goals is to promote the prosperity and development of the design and art industry.