Academician Xiongli YANG gives lecture on brain science
Adrian Cremin | 03/15/2021

Recently, Xiongli YANG, Dean of the Institute of Brain Science (IOBS) of Fudan University and a well-known physiologist, was a guest at the SUSTech Lecture Hall and gave a lecture entitled “Prospects and challenges of brain science.” The lecture was also made available to view online.

Mingjie ZHANG, Dean of the School of Life Sciences, along with more than 100 faculty members and students from various departments attended the lecture. Xuejun SONG, Director of the SUSTech Pain Medicine Center, presided over the lecture.

In recent years, huge advances have been made in neuroscience. In his lecture, Xiongli YANG analyzed the difficulty of exploring the mind and described the significance of better understanding how the brain and nervous system works.

After his lecture, Xiongli YANG stayed and held a question-and-answer session to the delight of people in attendance.