SUSTech Global launches new website to connect further with the world
SUSTech Global | 05/07/2021

SUSTech Global recently launched its new website (, a fresh new look of SUSTech’s international collaborations. The website is an information portal of updates on international partnerships and offers access to international programs and guidelines for global exchange. The web portal has been retrofitted to its purpose of delivering better services to faculty, students, and alumni, and presenting an ever-exciting story to visitors of how SUSTech connects with the world and marches towards the goal of becoming a world-class research university.

Home page of the new SUSTech Global

Better web design catering to users’ browsing habits

The brand-new website reinvigorates the virtual look of SUSTech Global, where SUSTechers can easily access information of interest, and core functions are highlighted such as news releases, circulation of key information, and visual manifestation. Additionally, the interactive experience and visual design have been modified to substantially improve users’ browsing experience. For example, the SUSTech Sky Blue, Orange, and White are set as the primary colors, and color blocks, lines, and icons are the main building blocks for webpage layout, to bring forth a clean, refreshing look and a modern taste. The adopted long scrolling and sectional web design allows for larger content display and effortless navigation. Furthermore, in light of users’ expectations to navigate with ease, a “back to top” button is now added to the right of each webpage as a handy timesaver.

Homepage menu & core modules

The homepage menu bar is a collection of the seven core modules of SUSTech Global, including About Us, News & Events, Partnership, Study Abroad, International Students, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and Guidelines for Global Exchange.

1. News & Events: Announcements of major international activities

Figure 1. News & Events

The drop-down menu “News & Events” is composed of News, Announcements, Newsletter, and Highlights. The button “more” at the bottom of each section leads to more information on the webpage of that section.

2. Partnership: Build a long-lasting legacy

Figure 2. Partnership

The section of Partnership exhibits the Partners List, Partnerships Initiatives, and International Conferences. International higher education institutions that have signed partnership agreements with SUSTech are listed by region and country, and multiple collaborative teaching and research programs with overseas world-class universities are shown on the page of “Partnerships Initiatives”.

Guided by the academic structure and strategic planning, SUSTech has pushed forward its global exchange and cooperation by developing a wide array of collaborative teaching and research projects, in partnership with leading international programs. “International Conferences” mainly showcase the International Symposium on Innovation and Collaboration hosted and organized by SUSTech, which offers a platform for global partners to exchange insights over global partnerships among higher education institutions.

3. Study Abroad: Guide for undergraduates to “study abroad”

Figure 3. Study Abroad

The four sections in the “Study Abroad” menu, including Study Abroad Opportunities, Study Abroad Scholarship, Study Abroad Application, and Study Abroad Sharing, giving full and easy access to the information pertaining to SUSTech Study Abroad.

The webpage of “Study Abroad Opportunities” shows a list of programs classified by category and region, and for detailed program information, our study abroad platform awaits your visit, just with a simple click. “Study Abroad Scholarship” displays the regulation and application procedure for various kinds of study abroad scholarships. “Study Abroad Application” shows a clear timeline for program application, pre-departure preparations, and “return to school” procedures. “Study Abroad Sharing” exhibits SUSTechers’ life-changing experiences in overseas programs, which may provide a source of inspiration as you witness what difference it could make to a student’s personal development and future planning.

4. International Students: International students “study in SUSTech”

Figure 4. International Students

The “International Students” webpage is the one-stop portal of information for international undergraduate program students and visiting students, covering program specification, application, and admission. After being admitted, they can keep using this portal to know more about the visa application, registration & orientation, scholarship, related laws and regulations, events & activities, etc. A separate page of “International Students Sharing” is well underway.

5. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan: university-level exchange programs

Figure 5. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

The page of “Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan” primarily shares university-level exchange programs between faculty or students of these jurisdictions, which are led and administered by SUSTech Global. Announcements of program applications and key news & events are shown in the two sections on the page respectively, Programs and News & Events.

6. Guidelines for Global Exchange: Regulations of global exchange

Figure 6. Guidelines for Global Exchange

Guidelines for Global Exchange consists of two sections, namely “Business Trip Abroad (Overseas)” which offers clear instructions on visa and passport application for business trips, guidelines for the trip abroad (overseas), articles of regulation, materials for download, etc., and “International Conference Application” which showcases the guideline and step-by-step application procedure for international conferences hosted and organized by SUSTech.

The news and events concerning SUSTech-hosted international conferences will see regular updates, to keep us critically relevant to the global academic community.

7. Global Ranking: Real-time ranking updates

Figure 7. Global Ranking

The “Global Ranking” webpage presents the most updated position of SUSTech in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking, QS World University Ranking, ShanghaiRanking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities, US News World University Ranking, etc., and the real-time updates on Nature Index Ranking and Essential Science Indicators (ESI) Top 1% Disciplines. The rankings above are the testimony of SUSTech’s achievements in the international academic arena, representing our growing comprehensive strengths, scientific research, academic achievements, and global reputation.

SUSTech Global has become the connexion point for academic and administrative departments since it was established in January 2015, aiming to contribute to the internationalization and global impact of SUSTech by turning the intent of a global partnership into meaningful teaching and research programs. SUSTech Global will continue to apply themselves to promoting meaningful and influential exchange and partnership with local and global higher education institutions, and the task of driving forward the mission of building a world-class research university even further. Let us break new ground together with this new beginning.

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