More than 16,000 students participate in SUSTech Undergraduate Admission Test
Adrian Cremin | 06/13/2021

On June 13, 2021, applicants from 21 provinces, autonomous regions, and cities across the country took part in the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) 2021 Undergraduate Admission Test. The number of applicants taking part was 14,553, with nearly 3,100 applicants from Guangdong Province having to take the enrollment exam online due to the epidemic prevention and control measures currently in place in the province. At the same time, nearly 1,500 applicants from the regions of Shanghai and Zhejiang also took part in the admission interview. This year, the number of online applications for admission to SUSTech has reached a record high of 44,507.

SUSTech has established a comprehensive evaluation and admission system based on students’ college entrance examination scores, high school performance, and independent college test scores. In 2021, SUSTech plans to enroll 1,160 students from 23 provinces, autonomous regions, and cities across the country, of which 20 provinces will be tested by the “computer test and interview” method. The test content focuses on the applicant’s skill set, such as knowledge, literacy, problem solving, logical thinking, imagination, and communication skills.

On the afternoon of June 13, Dongxiao ZHANG, Vice President and Provost of SUSTech, and Kefu HUANG, Vice Provost and Director of the Office of Teaching Affairs, learned about the computer-based examinations at various test sites across the country through a video system in the supervision room.

Chun LU, Vice President of SUSTech, trained the faculty interviewers at the test center in Shanghai. At the same time, Siqi CHEN, Director of the Office of Party Affairs and Administration, went to the Liaoning examination center.

To adhere to the epidemic prevention and control measures, each test center set out three requirements. These measures included that each examiner has already been inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccination. It also required each applicant taking the exam to provide a negative nucleic acid test within three days of the exam. Lastly, all applicants must have had no health issues or illnesses within fourteen days of the exam.

The applicants had their body temperature, health declaration, and negative nucleic acid test checked on arrival. All of the test centers were equipped with face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfection wipes, and other anti-epidemic materials, while emergency facilities were also prepared if applicants felt unwell.

While the applicants are being tested for their abilities, the enrollment teams were also communicating with parents. They provided presentations that showed the development of SUSTech in recent years, how it cultivates innovative talents, and explained the comprehensive evaluation and admission system of the University.

Following the computer tests and interviews, there will also be physical tests that are required by the Ministry of Education. The results of this component serve as an important reference for admission.

2021, 06-13
By Adrian Cremin

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