SUSTech holds dance night for 2021 graduation
Adrian Cremin | 07/01/2021

On the evening of June 27, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held a special dance performance to celebrate the recent graduation of the Class of 2021. The event was held in an outdoor theater at the student apartment complex on campus and was attended by faculty members and students of the University.

The event was sponsored by the Center for the Arts, the Office of Students Affairs, and co-organized by the Student Union. A live stream was also made available online for those who were not able to attend the show.

It included performances from various clubs and societies at SUSTech, including the Latin Dance Club, Nova Hip-Hop Club, Zhicheng Singing Club, and Shude Recital Club. In total, eleven different artistic displays thrilled the audience, covering classical, contemporary, Latin, and other forms of dance.

The event was an enormous success, with everyone in attendance applauding the performances and appreciating the special farewell for the recently graduated students of SUSTech.

2021, 07-01
By Adrian Cremin

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