Golden autumn sunlight greets new semester on campus
Adrian Cremin | 08/19/2021

As autumn is among us, the end of the summer sun shines over the SUSTech campus. It’s always hard to let go of summer as it gives members of SUSTech some downtime to indulge in some extracurricular activities during the holidays. Some people decided to travel and explore various parts of the country, while others participate in summer courses and conduct field research. But luckily, at the end of it all, it allows us to enjoy the novelties and delicacies of autumn.

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”

– Stanley Horowitz

As the vacation time ends, faculty members and staff are slowly trickling back into the University to prepare for the new semester. The tranquility and calmness around the campus during the summer is a peaceful sensation, but one we only like to enjoy for a short time. We are all looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the University and amongst them, the new students of the Class of 2025.

SUSTech has notified all the new students with their very own admission letter box set during the summertime. It is the first realization for them that the next step in their academic career is about to take shape. All that remains is to welcome and assist these exceptional talents in making significant breakthroughs in scientific research and technological achievements for the benefit of society.

As the newcomers join the SUSTech family and call it home, we hope that everyone will extend an open arm and help them to settle effortlessly on campus. As they embark on this new chapter in their lives, they know that everyone at the University, from the faculty members, staff, and fellow peers, will support them in making the experience memorable. At SUSTech, the door is always open for you when you need us.

2021, 08-19
By Adrian Cremin

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