SUSTech welcomes Class of 2025
Adrian Cremin | 08/22/2021

On August 22, 2021, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed the Class of 2025 onto the campus as they began their registration for the upcoming semester.

They have traveled from all parts of the country, bringing with them their youthful energy as they set out on the new chapter in their lives with high hopes and expectations.

Huashen WEI, a freshman at SUSTech, believes that the University’s tutorial system and innovative outlook were the most important reasons he applied to study here.

“I had visited the SUSTech campus before, and I know that I will have to work very hard here to keep up with the standard set here. I hope I can achieve my dream after four years.”

Siqi XU, a freshman from Guangdong province, said that she has yearned for this opportunity as SUSTech gives students many opportunities to advance themselves. She looks forward to growing up and maturing at SUSTech, adding that she hopes to grasp a more profound knowledge of science, humanities, and arts.

Yang ZHONG, a freshman from Jiangxi province, said that he particularly likes the design and layout of the campus. Through his study at SUSTech, he hopes to find a major that drives his desire and improve his comprehensive ability over the next four years.

Ming LI, a freshman from the Nei Monggol (Inner Mongolia) Autonomous Region, said that SUSTech provides students with many resources in terms of discipline development and international exchange. “I chose to study science and would like to major in mathematics and other science subjects in the future. I hope I can become a talented person through my study at SUSTech.”

Jiaying ZHAO, another freshman, said, “When processing the registration, the assisting staff and volunteers on campus were accommodating and patient. The campus is full of life, and I’ve already begun to bond with some of my classmates and roommates. I feel fortunate to be here.”

Some of the new undergraduates were accompanied by their parents or family members during the registration process. One parent from Shanghai said that she hopes her child would prosper and grow while at SUSTech, and hopes that SUSTech’s innovative talent training model would help to broaden their horizons.

A parent from Henan said that he values the practice of SUSTech in encouraging undergraduates to enter the laboratory to learn and discover. “I hope my child will find his own research interests in SUSTech and make great strides on the road to scientific research.”

A parent from Shandong said that before her child applied to SUSTech, she clearly understood SUSTech’s training model, faculty, and tutorial system. She hopes that her child will make good use of the resources provided by the University to learn and develop on their professional path.

The registration of the new undergraduate students was implemented in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control measures in place on campus. All public areas and dormitories were disinfected and sanitized. The University also arranged the registration in several intervals through appointments that were scheduled in advance.

The University also increased the number of shuttle buses in service and extended the opening hours of the campus canteens to meet the demands of the registering students and family members.

A parent from Guangxi province praised the epidemic prevention and control measures in place at SUSTech’s. She said that the orientation guidelines were clear and concise, and the administrative staff were very considerate and attentive.

More than one hundred volunteers made up of faculty staff and current students assisted with the registration process and assistance around the campus for the new students.

Zhuorui MAI from Zhicheng Academy was an orientation volunteer. Her main task was to guide the new students and assist in the distribution of military training materials. “This is the first time I have partaken in volunteer work. I enjoy being a part of the SUSTech community, and it brings me joy to help others.”

Yi LIU, an undergraduate student from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) of Shuli College, also volunteered during the orientation period.

“In my senior year at SUSTech, I hope I could do more to help around the campus. I was also a new student at one stage and appreciated the assistance I received from the senior students who volunteered to help when I first entered SUSTech. I hope I can also pass on this similar feeling to the new undergraduates.”

Zining CHEN, an undergraduate student from the Department of Mathematics and volunteer, said, “As a senior student at SUSTech, I hope to use my experience in assisting the new students on campus. I hope that every freshman can feel the warmth of home when they enroll at SUSTech.”

2021, 08-22
By Adrian Cremin

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