SUSTech completes graduate student registration for upcoming semester
Adrian Cremin | 08/26/2021

On August 26, 2021, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed the new graduates of 2021 onto the campus to complete their registration for the upcoming semester.

This year, SUSTech has admitted a total of 1,761 new graduate students, including 1,180 masters’, 565 doctoral, and 16 international students.

The new graduates have come from far and wide, from universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University (PKU), Hong Kong University (HKU), University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and other renowned universities and institutes nationally and globally.

To meet the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control measures in place, SUSTech implemented an appointment system for registration and arranged for the new students to enter the campus in batches.

The University set up eleven location points to complete the registration of all the graduates in an efficient and well-organized manner. Additionally, a nucleic acid testing site was set up on campus for all new students and guests who entered the University grounds.

At the entrance and several locations around the campus, disposable masks, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, medical kits, bottled water, and other comforts were made available to the graduates and family members accompanying them.

In the morning, Dongxiao ZHANG, Vice President and Provost of SUSTech, visited the registration office to learn more about the registration procedures and ensure that everything was running efficiently. He praised all the staff and volunteers for their hard work over the last few weeks in preparation for the new semester.

He also spoke to some of the freshmen during the registration and wished them success during their time at SUSTech. He encouraged them to be open-minded and not afraid to explore new adventures while studying at the University. He added that the students have top facilities to learn and participate in scientific research, and with hard work, they will achieve great success in the future.

After graduating from SUSTech with his undergraduate degree, Zihao CHEN chose to continue his studies at SUSTech. He said, “I’m very fortunate to be able to continue my postgraduate education at SUSTech. I feel that the University is growing from strength to strength, and doing my postgraduate study here will benefit me professionally in the future.

Yong TAN, a doctoral student who completed his undergraduate in PKU, said, “I’m thrilled to arrive at SUSTech and continue my postgraduate study at the University. I’m proud to call myself a SUSTecher.”

Ying LI, a 2021 freshman from the Hunan province, arrived on campus to complete her registration with her parents. She said, “My first impression of SUSTech is that the campus is gorgeous. The registration process is straightforward and efficient, making the whole process easier and less stressful. Over the coming years, I will work hard to achieve my dreams.”

Many faculty members and current students of SUSTech volunteered to assist with the registration process and offer any support for the newcomers. They provided guidance to various location points on campus, distributed registration materials, answered new students’ or family members’ questions, etc. They received high praise from all members of the University and guests for their professionalism and courteous attention.

The University prepared various activities for the new undergraduate and postgraduate students to enjoy, such as a campus-guided tour, a laboratory tour, and a welcome show. It’s an opportunity for newcomers to mingle amongst themselves and integrate them into their campus life at SUSTech.

2021, 08-26
By Adrian Cremin

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