Chairperson Fengliang LI and his delegation visits College of Engineering
Adrian Cremin | 09/02/2021

On September 1, 2021, Fengliang LI, University Council Chairperson, Dongxiao ZHANG, Vice President and Provost of SUSTech, members of the University’s leadership team, and heads of relevant departments visited the College of Engineering for in-depth discussions.

Zhenghe XU and Hong WANG, Dean and Vice Dean, respectively, of the College of Engineering, and other representatives from the college also participated in the meeting. Hong WANG presided over the event.

Zhenghe XU spoke about the development of the College of Engineering in terms of its vision and goals, its organizational structure, discipline layout, and talent training. He said the college combines national development and industrial needs with talent development, integrates knowledge transfer with skill development, and strives to cultivate innovative talents with international perspectives, strong foundations, and practical capabilities.

Hong WANG and the heads of various departments within the college also presented some reports at the meeting.

Vice President Dongxiao ZHANG spoke about student development, discipline layout, the growth of young faculty members, and how the college can serve the needs of the national strategy. He said that the college has optimized its talent-training initiatives with the support of many cities and provinces within China. As a result, many students have gone on to have successful career paths after graduation from SUSTech and added that they are the driving force for the country’s future development.

All participating members in the meeting held in-depth discussions on key core issues on the development of the college. They all agreed to work harder to promote the development of SUSTech to become a first-class research university with a world-class engineering college.

University Council Chairperson Fengliang LI acknowledged the development and achievements of the College of Engineering under its current leadership team. He expressed his gratitude to all the faculty members, staff, and students for their hard work in developing the college over the last few years.

He encouraged the college to continue its hard work and to not rest on its laurels. It should focus on its faculty’s continued growth and development, explore new engineering training models, deepen university-industry cooperation and collaboration in personnel training, and make significant breakthroughs in scientific and technological research.

The leadership team will regularly conduct in-depth research and exchanges among the various colleges and schools to discuss key core issues and any difficulties they encounter and provide comprehensive and coordinated resolutions to these problems. They aim to continue the high-quality development of teaching and scientific research and enhance the growth of SUSTech.