SUSTech holds online orientation for 2021 international undergraduates
Adrian Cremin | 09/07/2021

The Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) recently held an online orientation for its 2021 international undergraduates. In total, there are 22 international freshmen from nine different countries that participated in the activity. Due to the ongoing epidemic situation globally, the new international students are temporarily unable to come to the University to register.

Chunmiao ZHENG, Vice Provost for Global Strategies and a member of the Presidential Executive Council at SUSTech, welcomed the international freshmen and hopes they continue exploring themselves and seeking knowledge and truth.

SUSTech has formulated a comprehensive work plan of online courses, management, and services for the 2021 international freshmen with the support of the Office of Teaching Affairs, the Center for Language Education (CLE), the Students’ Affairs Center, and other departments throughout the University.

The work plan ensures that the new undergraduates can register and begin their new academic study at SUSTech. At this point, all the six Residential Colleges of the University have registered international students, which marks a new step in the internationalization of SUSTech’s student management system.

From September 1 to 4, SUSTech also provided the freshmen with more than ten online activities, including an introduction to the library, an introduction to scholarship management regulations, an introduction to overseas study programs, a lecture on mental health and personal development, a workshop on cross-cultural communication, and an international student sharing session, etc.

2021, 09-07
By Adrian Cremin

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