SUSTech holds Commencement & Degree Conferment 2022
Adrian Cremin | 07/03/2022

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted its Commencement and Degree Conferment to honor the graduate class of 2022 on July 2.

Fengliang Li, Chairman of SUSTech University Council, announced the list of the titles awarded, of which 10 doctoral and master’s graduates and 10 undergraduate students were awarded the title of “outstanding graduates” and “outstanding undergraduates” respectively.

SUSTech President Qikun Xue delivered a speech during the ceremony, extending his warmest congratulations to the Class of 2022.

He congratulated all the graduates and said they would become the backbone of the country’s future. “The next 20 years will be the golden period for you to grow into a new generation worthy of our great times.”

Reminding the students that no matter how many difficulties and challenges they encounter, he said that the SUSTechers need to maintain their curiosity, find their pathway in life, and promote human progress and development through self-improvement.

President XUE referred to examples of various scientists who dedicated themselves to scientific research and technological advances, and pointed out that we can only create a better world for all of humanity through continuous self-improvement.

“As a research university, SUSTech values the power of unremitting self-improvement and encourages the pursuit of excellence”, he said. “Self-improvement is the courage to face adversity, the resolve to face it head-on, and the tenacity to never give up.”

He encouraged the graduates to pursue and strive for excellence, overcome any setbacks or challenges in their path, serve the country through advances in science and technology, shoulder the great responsibilities of society through self-reliance and self-improvement, and make significant contributions toward the development and growth of the county.

“Fellow graduates, I believe you are ready. I wish you the best in your generation and I look forward to your contribution to the brighter future of our nation and the entire mankind. I wish you all a happy graduation,” he concluded.

The degree conferment was held afterward as Provost Hongwei FANG announced the decision of the Degree Evaluation Committee. Graduates from the College of Science, College of Engineering, School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine, College of Business, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, etc., took the stage in turns as the University’s leadership and academicians presented award degree certificates to the students.

Before the ceremony, some short films produced by the Alumni Association, the Youth League Committee, and the Office of Communications & Public Relations were displayed on the big screen at the stadium.

The Acapella Vocal Band of Shuli College, the Wink Dance Club, along with graduates and current students, also performed dance acts and sang songs at the event.