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Yuqiong TIAN | 03/13/2023

A library provides a haven for many students to study, rest, and recharge, or a sanctuary for inspiration for their studies. The positive impacts it has on individuals are undeniable, creating a unique environment for students to learn and a gateway to knowledge and culture through exposing them to an endless number of books, various services, and exhibitions.

At the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), we recognize the importance of the library to students and faculty members. In recognition of this, let’s give you a guided tour of the University’s three libraries on campus.

Lynn Library

As the earliest established library in SUSTech, Lynn is located on the University’s main axis near the first lecture building, administration building, and Gate One. The concave curved outline on four sides makes it a landmark of SUSTech.

Lynn Library

Lynn has the richest collection of books, ranging from teaching reference books to novels. There are also some self-appointment bookcases outside the library for students to borrow or return books more freely.

The third floor of Lynn Library

Another distinguishing feature of Lynn is the Scholar Recommend activity. Readers can write a note on the first page of their favorite books, explaining why they like it and recommending it to others.

Scholar Recommend on the first floor of Lynn Library

The resting area in Lynn provides students with space for relaxation, where they can take a nap at noon or read journals when tired.

Resting area of Lynn Library

Yidan Library

Yidan Library is located at the core of the campus and is a landmark building of the University. Unveiled on December 17, 2020, it is a four-story structure with an area of 9,010 square meters.

The Atrium, located on the first floor, is a unique activity space integrating leisure and reading. It is of distinctive architectural design: ample glass skylight lighting, large wall of bookshelves, and page-like stairs, along with comfortable and movable chairs.

Atrium on the first floor of Yidan Library

Located in the 24-hour open space on the first floor of Yidan Library, there are different types of reading seats, such as independent single sofas and long tables. The students can choose freely according to their preferences.

24-hour open study space

The Lobby, located on the second floor, is adjacent to the Service Desk. There are different leisure sofas, bookshelves for new arrivals, periodicals, newspapers, displaying leaflets, and searching computers. The Lobby is a multi-functional space integrating reading, communication, information retrieval, and leisure.

Lobby area of Yidan Library

There are computer hubs on the first and second floors of the library. Some desktops have special professional software or clients installed for academic use with professional needs.

Computer Hub on the second floor of Yidan Library

Located on the third floor, the Collaborative Study Space is separated into seven rooms by mesh and whiteboard, each of which has its own characteristics with various kinds of furniture of different heights and multi-functional machines. The students can reserve suitable Collaborative Study Spaces online according to their specific needs.

Collaborative Study Space area at Yidan Library

Also located on the third floor are nine closed Group Study Rooms. Students can feel the atmosphere of discussion and learning through transparent glass walls when passing the room. Colored indoor walls and different styles of tables and chairs make every space feel full of energy. Each area is equipped with a multi-functional machine and a whiteboard to facilitate discussion and learning.

Group Study Room at Yidan Library

Located on the north end of the third floor, the Lecture Hall is of a distinctive arc-shaped design. It has 76 fixed seats and can be used for holding various small-size academic conferences.

Lecture Hall of Yidan Library

Opposite the Lecture Room, the Classroom is equipped with movable tables and chairs and a high-tech whiteboard that integrates projection and writing. It can accommodate around 30 people and be used for information literacy training.

Classroom area of Yidan Library

Located in the large glass window area on the fourth floor, the Grand Reading Hall creates a quiet atmosphere for learning.

Grand Reading Hall of Yidan Library

The Quiet Study Space area can be located on the fourth floor, providing students with study tables and chairs of different heights and leisure sofas.

Quiet Study Space location at Yidan Library

Hanyong Library

Hanyong is the closest library to the students’ dormitory, situated near the 7th and 8th buildings and the College of Engineering. Because of this, many students choose to study in Hanyong as its very convenient to return to their dormitory to rest after lunch.

All of the libraries on campus have their own distinctive and special features, with Hanyong being renowned for its cozy atmosphere. The cushions, bar stools, paintings, and unique warm yellow lights make students feel more comfortable and relaxed when studying here.

Stairs to the second floor of Hanyong Library

The study area of Hanyong Library

Although Hanyong does not have a collection of academic reference books, its closeness to the dormitory and two canteens provides students with great comfort and convenience.


Apart from the above environmental introduction, all three libraries also host various academic or entertainment exhibitions to enrich students’ extracurricular life. From cultural drawings to marine life exhibitions, libraries bring a diverse world to students, pulling them away from their routine studies for a moment.

Pictures of the Chunxia CHEN color lead painting exhibition at Hanyong Library

The advanced technological equipment at Yidan makes it possible for students to watch movies during their leisure time. The SUSTech Movie Club would organize a screening of some classic films from time to time, giving students an immersive atmosphere to watch movies with their friends.

A National Day special screening of The Matrix

Students studying at Lynn Library

During exam weeks, the libraries are often filled with students reviewing course materials to prepare for their exams. They have already become a daily routine in the life of many students, which typically involves an initial trip to the library for study, then going to the canteen for lunch and dinner, and back again to the library for further studies until nighttime falls. It is a place where youth and efforts are devoted, and a habitat full of memories.

2023, 03-13
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