SUSTech students win Grand Award at 2024 National English Competition for College Students
Center for Language Education | 06/12/2024

The 2024 National English Competition for College Students (NECCS) Final Contest took place on May 19.

Minjun WANG and Qiwen XIAO, students at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), achieved outstanding success, securing first and third places in the Guangdong Province division and receiving the National Grand Award.

Minjun WANG and Qiwen XIAO

The NECCS, jointly sponsored by the Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in China and the College English Teaching and Research Association of China, is one of the most large-scale and competitive national contests designed to evaluate college students’ comprehensive English proficiency.

Since its establishment in 1999, the competition has attracted over 1.2 million students annually from more than 1,200 universities nationwide. In 2024, the Guangdong division of the NECCS alone saw participation from over 36,000 contestants.

SUSTech’s involvement in the NECCS started in 2023, with students showing great enthusiasm and participation. A total of 382 students registered for the competition. On April 21, 2023, the Center for Language Education (CLE) organized the preliminary contest on campus. Two students were selected and supervised by CLE teachers to participate in the national final contest in the Guangdong division.

Through fierce competition from almost 40 colleges and universities in the province, SUSTech contestants excelled, achieving the first and third-highest scores and winning the National Grand Award. Additionally, 11 SUSTech students won the National Second Prize, 19 received the National Third Prize, and 39 won the SUSTech English Proficiency Contest Excellent Award.

The outstanding performance of SUSTech students in this national English competition reflects the success of the University’s innovative English education system and personalized training programs. Promoting learning through competitions is an important component that offers students valuable opportunities to enhance English learning outside the classroom.

The CLE has been instrumental in promoting and guiding students in English competitions, carrying out workshops, and providing personalized tutoring to help students continuously improve their English proficiency. With outstanding language abilities and well-rounded development, SUSTech students continue to excel in English competitions. The CLE will continue to hold various English contests, share learning opportunities, and provide platforms for SUSTech members to showcase their talents.

2024, 06-12
By Center for Language Education

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