SUSTech holds third Creative Cultural Market
Adrian Cremin | 11/29/2021

On November 27, 2021, the third creative culture market fair was held at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

Hundreds of students and faculty members attended the event and displayed their creative skills and talents by participating in different artistic activities.

The University’s motto of “Virtue, Truth, Advance” appeared on various items sold at the market, such as folding fans, refrigerator magnets, mobile phone holders, etc., displaying the artistic skills of the SUSTechers who made them.

Various departments, societies, and clubs, including the Calligraphy and Paintings Club, Alumni Association (SUSTechAA), the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the School of Design brought their respective cultural works to the market.

The newly established SUSTech Museums also attracted a large group of people to its booth as guests were invited to create and draw their own designs on various handmade goods such as ceramic cups, canvas bags, and t-shirts at different boots at the market.

The Zhiren Folk Music Club, the Zhicheng Singing Club, and the SUSTech Symphony Orchestra also performed for guests in attendance. They reveled in some classic melodies and songs performed by the various groups, enriching the ambiance on campus.

“This is the first time I have participated in this activity. It is fun and memorable to make these small objects by hand,” said Zheng, a Ph.D. student from the School of Medicine.

The Creative Cultural Market was hosted by the Office of Communications & Public Relations (CPR) and co-organized by the SUSTech Culture Creativity Association, SUSTech Youth League Committee, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Design, Center for the Arts, Office of Asset Management, and the Shenzhen Art and Design Alliance.

The event aims to provide a platform for faculty members and students of SUSTech to display their artistic passion and transform their ideas and skills into visible and tangible items. The occasion helps to promote the SUSTech culture further, creating a positive atmosphere across the campus.

2021, 11-29
By Adrian Cremin

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