SUSTech wins multiple prizes at 2022 International Competition of Autonomous Running Robots
Adrian Cremin | 09/09/2022

Recently, the 2022 International Competition of Autonomous Running Robots (RUNNING ROBOT) was held at the Beijing Science Center.

Four teams from the School of Microelectronics (SME) at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) participated in the competition, and won six awards, including the international first prize, the international second prize, and the excellence award.

Compared with other types of robots, autonomous intelligent running robots require more powerful intelligent algorithms, stronger perception and interaction capabilities, attitude control capabilities, and movement capabilities. They have higher requirements on the programming ability of the contestants and the control level of the robot itself in a wide range of application scenarios.

In the virtual standard competition, it requires players to use code to control the robot in a virtual environment through the following challenges with a random order: passthrough narrow bridges, circular pits, narrow doors/stairs, and over obstacles, break through the minefield, kick the ball into the hole and so on.

To complete these tasks, the team members must carefully adjust the code and design of intelligent algorithms that allow the robot to both recognize these targets and make reasonable actions to complete these goals.

Acting as the instructor, Professor Hao YU, Deputy Dean of SME, tutored the AhYesYes team to design an intelligent algorithm and to deploy it in the virtual robot, so that the robot perfectly passed all the levels.

The team, consisting of members Letian JIANG, Baihan WANG, Zhengyang ZHANG, Qiuping WU, and Chenchen DING, won the international first prize in the virtual standard competition, and also won the excellence award.

The abaaba team, including members Wenxin LI, Zikun WEI, Chenglong LI, Ding SHANG, and Yuliang HAN, won the international second prize in the virtual standard competition.

Associate Professor Fengwei AN from SME, guided the Running Robot team, which included Xue YU, Zhiyu ZHENG, Xiaoting YU, and Ruohan WU, and won the excellence prize and the racing excellence prize in the standard competition.

Members Yichen OUYANG, Xinyu GUAN, Haihan WU, and Huajun GUO of the Bingo team won the excellence award in the standard competition.

The competition was sponsored by the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST), Beijing Institute of Electronics, and the School of Integrated Circuits at Tsinghua University.

The event attracted nearly 500 teams from China, the United States, Germany, and other countries in artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, computers, automation, and other fields in the form of in-person and online.

2022, 09-09
By Adrian Cremin

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