SUSTechers perform traditional Chinese classics for 2023 Culture Month
Adrian Cremin | 04/26/2023

On April 22, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held a Chinese Traditional Folk Music Concert on campus to celebrate the conclusion of its 2023 Culture Month.

Faculty members and students from Zhiren Orchestra, Zhicheng Singing Club, and Zhiren Calligraphy and Paintings Club participated in the event.

The performances included a series of activities, covering traditional Chinese folk music, film and television drama music, modern adaptations and original works of orchestra, as well as a number of creative programs integrating folk music with singing and calligraphy.

During the 2023 Culture Month, more than ten themed activities took place on campus, including an exhibition of Chinese painter Shanyue GUAN’s works, a special performance of Flower-Drum Opera, Chinese dance lessons, and open art classes and workshops.

More than 300 faculty members and students participated in the series of exhibitions and performances, which attracted thousands of spectators and garnered attention from all walks of life.

2023, 04-26
By Adrian Cremin

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