SUSTech welcomes freshmen
Adrian Cremin | 08/22/2023

On August 22, the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed more than 1,300 freshmen to enroll for registration for the upcoming semester, the largest number of freshmen in the University’s history.

As the campus filled with vibrant and energetic students, there was a huge sense of excitement as the freshmen embark on a new chapter in their academic lives with dreams and expectations.

Two new students, Ziheng and Zixu WANG, are twin brothers from Hunan Province. This year, they received the same score in their college entrance examination and have both chosen to study at SUSTech.

“My impression of SUSTech is that it’s a young and energetic university with a strong scientific research atmosphere, and after arriving here, I have felt a warmth from all the faculty members, students, and staff”, Ziheng WANG said.

The freshmen and their family members accompanying them arrived in their droves at the campus. At the nearby subway station, staff members greeted those traveling by train, providing directions and guidance on how to get to the University.

Once arriving on campus, the new cohort of students were greeted by staff members and student volunteers to assist with the registration process and help them to settle into their new environment, with shuttle buses also on hand to take the freshmen to the designated registration points.

Hong JIANG, University Council Chairperson, and other members of the University’s leadership team, which included Ling ZHANG, University Council Vice-Chairperson, Jinfeng JIA, Acting Vice President, and Siqi CHEN, Secretary-General and Director of the Office of Party Affairs and Administration, visited the registration areas on campus and spoke with some of the new students and their family members.

In conversing with some freshmen, Chairperson Hong JIANG learned where the new students had traveled from and discussed their feelings after arriving at the University.

She hopes that students will become familiar with and adapt to campus life easily, find their own aspirations and paths, and grow together with SUSTech. At the same time, she stated that the University would continue to develop its services and management, and provide students with a better and more comfortable learning and living environment.

The University leaders also praised the hard work and commitment of all the staff and volunteers who have dealt with the planning of the student registration, organizing student accommodation, and participating in orientation activities.

Yiqian WANG, a freshman from Jilin Province, said, “Stepping inside SUSTech today, it is hard to contain my excitement, and I will contribute to the strong academic atmosphere of the campus”.

This year, SUSTech enrolled 1,330 freshmen from 24 provinces, including Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Shandong, and Beijing. The number of new students increased by 40 compared with last year, an increase of 3%.

There were more than 58,000 online applicants nationwide, and nearly 20,000 applicants participated in the SUSTech ability test, which is the highest in the University’s history.

In Guangdong, the number of students enrolled by SUSTech increased from 271 last year to 301 this year, exceeding 300 for the first time.

To encourage students to be innovative and pursue excellence, SUSTech has also made available various scholarships and grants.

In addition to national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, and national grants, SUSTech also provides different scholarships and grants along with student loans and other subsidies to help students with financial difficulties to complete their studies at the University.

“On the first day of arriving at SUSTech to enroll, I felt that the campus environment is good and the facilities are brilliant. I feel that my four years of studying here will go very smoothly”, said Juelin PENG, a freshman from Hunan Province.

To create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere on campus, group photo walls were set up at different scenic locations around the University for students and their family members to record this precious moment as they begin their new journey.

A total of 88 volunteers assisted with the registration process around the University, and the deans, staff, and other students of the six residential colleges of SUSTech also organized various activities to assist with on-campus guidance, registration, etc.

Each residential college also prepared special gift sets for the freshmen, and organized various activities to help them settle into their new life at SUSTech.