Southern Metropolis Daily | SUSTech-developed drones at the Zhuhai Air Show.
Source: Southern Metropolis Daily | Reporter Zhu Qian | 11/07/2018

The drone “Heron,” independently developed by South University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), was unveiled at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (“Zhuhai Airshow”). As the designer and producer of the “Heron” drone, SUSTech Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering Professor Xiao Xiaowen, is participating in the Zhuhai Air Show for the third time. In his first two airshows, he was also a special expert of China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (“China Commercial Aircraft” or “COMAC”). As the then-head of the pneumatic research team, he would bring the company’s large aircraft to the air show. Yesterday, his identity was transformed from an entrepreneur to a scientific research leader. The large aircraft that were normally 30 or 40 meters long has now become a drone ten times smaller.

This is the first time that Professor Xiao Wen has shown a drone designed and developed by his team to the public. At this time, the Zhuhai Air Show has a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles on display, including the Lufeng logistics UAV. Among this sea of ​​drones, how will the “Heron” drone of SUSTech break through and stand out? The “Heron” attracted attention from the outside world at this year’s Zhuhai Air Show. Xiao Xiaowen revealed that many UAV manufacturers had expressed their intention in cooperating and plan to start production in 2019.

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2018, 11-07
By Source: Southern Metropolis Daily | Reporter Zhu Qian

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