President Chen Shiyi gives first lecture in “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of Country” series
Mandi Zhu | 02/22/2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched a lecture series about “Modern Science, Technology and China.” SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences brought the first lecture to the teachers and students, titled “Modern technology and The Art of Loving Your Country- My Life Choice.”

University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong attended the lecture along with other senior leaders and more than 400 teachers and students. University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang presided over the lecture.

Chen Shiyi reflected on his own studies, work experience and his choice of SUSTech. He also spoke about the effectiveness about developing SUSTech.

Chen Shiyi shared photos from his past, reflecting on his education from high school through to his overseas studies. He finally decided to come to SUSTech, as his journey showed his development from a curious young man pursuing knowledge to a dedicated educator and scientist with passion for developing his country. Chen Shiyi pointed out that professional and innovative researchers should return to China and ensure its further development. Becoming part of the education industry is a meaningful pursuit that can provide talented members of society.

Life is about making choices and the reasons for him to come to SUSTech is that he was confident about its further development, and people would see the continuous improvement of its educators and the growth. Chen Shiyi hoped that everyone would continue to cultivate their love for technology and country.

Chen Shiyi reflected on the works from Da Vinci and the recent Chinese science-fiction film, The Wandering Earth, and shared his expertise for turbulent structures and turbulence research. He also analyzed gaps in his research field both in China and around the world, so he encouraged students to maintain interest in scientific research in order to break through difficulties in their fields of interest. Chen Shiyi also encouraged the students to broaden their horizons, examine emerging disciplines and expand their knowledge as much as possible to innovate.

In the Q&A session, students asked many questions of Chen Shiyi, where he talked about a variety of things such as his experience in studying and life, developing good habits and facing the difficulties in life.

Li Fengliang said that SUSTech should cultivate future leaders with global vision, comprehensive quality and innovative ability. This is the most important and fundamental spirit of SUSTech. Li Fengliang hoped that everyone at SUSTech would not forget their original heart and grow their talents in order to make their own contributions to this new era.

This first lecture from President Chen Shiyi gave faculty members and students a deeper understanding of the relationship between modern technology and one’s love for China. Director Wang Dejun of the Political Education and Research Center, presented the Certificate of Honor of the first teaching professors of the ” Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of Country ” for Chen Shiyi.

Student Zhang Zhentang said: “President Chen Shiyi said that he was so busy with his work that he had not been to the cinema for seven years and didn’t even know where the cinema was. This detail leaves a very deep impression on me. As a SUSTech student, we need to advocate the struggle spirit, value our time, and learn more knowledge.”

The course “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of Country” will be offered to students through a series of lectures. There will be 15 lectures in the spring semester. The lecturers will include famous teachers, including President Chen Shiyi, in order to attract students to the lecture series.

It will focus on cutting-edge technology and hot topics. These hot topics include artificial intelligence, information technology, quantum science, clean energy, green environmental protection, health industry, cultural innovation, big data, and the relationship between technology and humanities. The lectures will analyze the current status of China’s current technological development and future trends, while enhancing students’ sense of mission and responsibility. The lecture series is open to all undergraduate students. Once the course became open, it became an extremely popular elective course with all 350 places occupied in just a few seconds. After the semester, a series of special books will be published.

SUSTech is committed to cultivating outstanding talents with global vision, comprehensive quality and innovative ability, while actively exploring SUSTech’s characteristics. SUSTech has seriously studied and promoted reform of its curriculum, teaching methodology and examination mode.

SUSTech will establish systems to promote the cutting-edge of scientific and technological development in today’s society and the status quo of China’s science and technology development.

2019, 02-22
By Mandi Zhu

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