SUSTech celebrates World Intellectual Property Day
Chris Edwards | 04/28/2019

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26th every year. To recognize this, the Technology Transfer Center of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) ran an Intellectual Property (IP) Publicity Week on the theme of “Protecting Intellectual Property Rights & Promoting Innovation and Development.” IP Publicity Week aimed to enhance respect for intellectual property rights and protection among faculty, students and staff.

Throughout the week, an exhibition was held outside the Lynn Library that focused on the developments and achievements of industry-university collaboration. Other displays included IP rights & policies within both mainland China and overseas, as well as management of IP. Another section tapped into the complex topic of IP issues through the commercialization of scientific achievements.

At the beginning of IP Publicity Week, the Technology Transfer Center hosted a training session about SUSTech’s IP rules and regulations. These are particularly important when it comes to applying for patents, industry-sponsored project management, commercializing technological achievements and technology invested as capital stock.

Throughout the week, key leaders in IP-related firms came to SUSTech to discuss a variety of significant issues to help students and faculty members prepare themselves for the future IP management strategies.

2019, 04-28
By Chris Edwards

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