Guangdong provincial media delegation visits SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 11/15/2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) yesterday welcomed over twenty reporters from media outlets across the region to campus. They met with SUSTech Acting Vice President Zhao Yusheng and Communications & Public Relations Office Director Zhang Ling.

The media delegation was led by News and Publishing Bureau of Guangdong Province Deputy Director Wen Jianmin, Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology Deputy Director Chen Lijia, and joined by senior officials from Guangdong Science and Technology Monitoring and Research Center. The delegation was assisted by the Science, Technology, and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.

On arrival, the media delegation was taken to the 3D campus construction sand table, where Director Zhang Ling provided a briefing about the development of SUSTech. The delegation then held a number of interviews.

Acting Vice President Zhao Yusheng held a meeting with the entire media delegation, in which he spoke about the high-quality and rapid development of SUSTech being inseparable from the support it receives from all levels of government and the media. He talked about SUSTech’s mission, talent pipelines, and research work.

Zhao Yusheng highlighted the progress made in scientific research in a wide range of areas and pointed out the relationship between that progress and the internationalization of the innovative city of Shenzhen. First-class cities need first-class universities, and as SUSTech strives to become a world-class research university rooted in China, Shenzhen will become a more modern and innovative city.

Director Zhang Ling talked about the development of SUSTech’s talent pipelines and the development of its disciplines. He spoke vividly about the intertwining of SUSTech and Shenzhen’s progress, and how their interactions through industry-university research support the strategic urbanization of the city.

Following the meeting, the delegation explored the campus, interviewing faculty members and students. They spoke highly of SUSTech’s development from various perspectives and provided glowing reports for their differing media outlets.

2019, 11-15
By Chris Edwards

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