SUSTech wins excellent media awards in Guangdong province
Chris Edwards | 03/30/2020

On March 26, the Communications and Public Relations Office (CPR) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) earned a first prize and two 2nd prizes from the 2019 Guangdong Education News Award. The Guangdong Provincial Department of Education runs the competition.

The short film “Make Your Choice” won first prize. CPR and the Human Resources Office worked together to produce this film, which also resulted in a series of micro-videos. These videos were distributed to a wide range of media outlets, including People’s Daily.

“The SUSTech students’ suitcases” was one of the second prize winners. This innovative piece invited students from the class of 2023 to open their suitcases to give people an insight into their lives. The video was broadcast on SUSTech’s official WeChat account, providing a warm story to start the new academic year.

The other second prize went to the heartwarming story, “Cultivating a child’s heart with scientific thoughts.” Published on the SUSTech website in both Chinese and English, it was a special piece for Children’s Day (June 1). The Department of Ocean Science and Engineering answered questions from students at the SUSTech Kindergarten about the ocean and its denizens. The story was dotted with the innocent illustrations of the children’s imagination, sowing the seeds of scientific curiosity.


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