Online Spring Sports Festival comes to a successful close
Chris Edwards | 04/25/2020

On April 8, the Sports Center of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) brought its Online Spring Sports Festival to a close, with nearly 350 current and future members of the SUSTech community participating in the competition.

The Online Spring Sports Festival gathered top experts from the Sports Center, including former Olympic and world champions. Contestants submitted videos of them completing a range of different athletic and sporting activities, to keep healthy during this period.

Many SUSTech students were excellent representatives of their residential colleges. One high school student from Anhui won first prize in the family category.

Students were highly pleased with the activity, as it allowed them to exercise at home competitively. Many participants combined the activity with mindfulness activities, which saw them improve their mental health along with their physical health. They reported on improved concentration on their studies and research.

The detailed awards are outlined here

2020, 04-25
By Chris Edwards

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