SUSTech graduates display their artistic flair
Chris Edwards | 06/17/2020

Our Summa Cum Laude Graduates of 2020 are not just excellent scientific researchers but have contributed to Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in many ways. Many of them have also played a part in the development of the SUSTech Arts Center.

Linying SHANG, who will be studying at the University of Cambridge in their Department of Chemistry, was the backbone of the traditional Chinese orchestra, playing the guzheng (a traditional Chinese stringed instrument). When it comes to artistic pursuits, she said, “No matter whether it is elegant and popular, art can extract part of the soul of people and comfort them.”

Yue GONG, who will study her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, had a versatile set of hobbies. She loved taking part in the choir, while also enjoying dance and several musical instruments. “STEM students can appreciate the wonderful art world by studying the arts and exercising our concentration and perseverance.”

Qikun HU, who will complete his doctoral studies at the National University of Singapore, was a prolific publisher of scientific research papers. In his spare time, he found himself absorbed in the arts. He would participate in the New Year’s Eve Party and the annual Voice of SUSTech competition.

Yuancheng XU will complete his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland. His studies in mathematics integrated with his love of the choir. He praised the Arts Center, saying, “SUSTech’s arts curriculum is essential for SUSTech students who want to get involved in the choir.” He said, “When I usually do experiments, I often listen to songs. Listening to music can stimulate my fighting spirit while relaxing my body and mind.”

Yuqing DENG, who will be a Boston University doctoral student, is a highly talented pianist and dancer. “As a STEM student, I am stuck in logical and rational thinking every day. My spirit often needs to be highly concentrated, and the arts are a way that follows the feeling. It is also a way of expressing intense emotions.”

Zhaoxu ZHANG, who will take advantage of a full scholarship to complete his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California (USC), was a regular host of events across SUSTech. He was noted as a statuesque figure on campus, but he was lesser known for his passion for the arts during his computer science studies. Talking about the photography courses he took, “after a week of STEM courses, the art classes let us rejuvenate our brains.”

Shiyi LI will be joining Tencent and had a deep passion for both calligraphy and hip-hop dancing. She would use the dance studio to release stress, with her favorite songs allowing her to express her feelings in her unique way. In her words, “the arts have an irreplaceable impact on STEM knowledge, whether it is a subtle influence, the discovery of beautiful scenes, or a temporary rigor. Art allowed me to discover my better self.”

Yi LIU will be heading to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for his future studies. While studying in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, he took in many lectures from the “Art and Science Series.” He commented that “On one hand, arts education allows us to appreciate the beauty of different forms of art. We can also look at another world that provides us with a new perspective on life.”

Hao MA, who has graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, was a fan of the Traditional Chinese Culture Festival that takes place in April every year. He said that even though he is a STEM student, he is still an emotional person. “The reason why I like reading books and immersing myself in traditional culture is that I like the feeling of being in the book. The ancient instruments make me feel engrossed in the power of the arts.”

Jintao ZHENG will be working in a Huawei subsidiary called HiSilicon. He took several courses from the Arts Center that incorporated science and arts, such as the mathematical relationship between notes and rhythm, or applications of artificial intelligence in the arts. “In the field of arts and science, I look forward to the Arts Center continuing to give some lectures in this area. “

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