School of Medicine provides lecture on mental health
Chris Edwards | 07/02/2020

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) understands the stress that the community has been experiencing under the current COVID-19 outbreak. With that in mind, the School of Medicine invited Shenzhen Kangning Hospital President Tiebang LIU to give a lecture on mental health to the SUSTech community.

His lecture, titled “Sunshine Mentality, Dealing with Epidemic Situation,” was conducted in a blended mode, with both an online broadcast and an on-site venue. School of Medicine Dean Mingzhao XING presided over the lecture.

Tiebang LIU analyzed the causes of negative emotions and the factors of mental health knowledge. He talked about how to understand the stress and common psychological distress while managing personal emotions and improving mental health levels. The broader point was to encourage students to realize their mental and emotional strength through a variety of different techniques.

The lecture was very well received, with nearly two thousand people watching online. Students said that they had developed a better understanding of how to manage their mental and emotional health as a result of the lecture.

2020, 07-02
By Chris Edwards

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