Greater Bay Area Ancient Map Exhibition Held
Chris Edwards | 07/03/2020

On June 29, the Lynn Library at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held the “Greater Bay Area Ancient Map Exhibition.” The Department of Ocean Science and Engineering (OSE) worked with the Lynn Library and the Yantian District Marine Culture Research Association to sponsor the event. It was co-organized by the Yantian District Library and the Shenzhen Xiaobing Guohe Culture Company.

At the opening ceremony, OSE head Yongshun CHEN said that by understanding the ancient maps of the Greater Bay Area, visitors would get a better marine awareness by integrating the marine culture with historical and cultural artifacts. Lynn Library Director He’nian E added that a global vision is a key goal for students at SUSTech, so having a map of the world in the minds of students helps them understand the bigger picture behind their education. OSE Professor Qingsong LIU, in his capacity as the president of the Faculty Committee, pointed out that this exhibition would show the continuous innovation in ocean science and interdisciplinary issues. Shenzhen University (SZU) Ocean Art Research Center academic director Erping LIANG shared his journey of collecting and studying ancient maps.

The exhibition contains SZU Ocean Art Research Center academic director Erping LIANG’s private collection of over 40 ancient maps of the Greater Bay Area. Also on display was the Atlas Blaeu-Vander Hem, which is said to be the most beautiful, clear, and simple atlas ever composed.

2020, 07-03
By Chris Edwards

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